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Sending Mail Error: "Relaying Denied"

If you are a member of our services and trying to send out mail and get the "relaying denied" error - the system is letting you know that you're not sending your login & password when you send mail, in the same way you receive mail.

To rectify this, go into your mail settings in your mail program, and add your login/password to your Outgoing (SMTP) server settings or look for an option that says "my server required authentication" and enable it.

In Outlook:  Account Settings --> Change --> More Settings --> Outgoing Server --> Check the box that says 'my server requires authentication', and then choose the sub option 'use same settings as incoming'.    (Outlook instructions may vary slightly depending on what version of Outlook you're using)

In Thunderbird:  Tools --> Account Settings --> Outgoing Server (SMTP) --> Choose server (if more than one) and select EDIT ---> Set port to 587, and make sure User Name is filled out.

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